"Do you give the horse his might?"

Job 39:19

The remuda at Split Ranch Resources is viewed as a partner. With respect and appreciation. When a cowboy swings his/her leg over the saddle to venture out for the day, we want them to feel confident in achieving the task at hand. At Split Ranch Resources, many of our days are spent in the saddle. Whether we're keeping a seasoned horse legged up, or just putting some miles on a colt, it is all outside. After trotting a few miles, we know horses respond better to certain tasks asked of them, like cutting a cow out of the herd or roping a steer in the arena. We'd like to offer you one of our seasoned cow horses. Split Ranch Resources has offerings of cow horses for sale throughout the year. Offerings will consist mostly of all around ranch horses and performance horses but may also be used for trail riding. Our ranch horses will be exposed to handling cattle, dragging calves, working a rope, sorting and penning cattle, opening gates, loading and unloading in a trailer, standing to be shod, and miles of rugged terrain. Performance horse offerings will mostly focus on the disciplines of tie down roping, breakaway roping, heading/heeling and tripping steers, cutting, tracking, boxing, and penning of cattle. Many offerings will be combination horses. We mostly ride horses bred for the job with good bloodlines, but will have a few offerings of just good, solid "grade" horses as well. We try to have horses that will fit any rider at any stage. Understanding that it takes years for a horse to mature and be well disciplined, our horse offerings will be mostly fully mature horses that are 9-14 years of age. Not to say that we will not sell a young horse, we'd just rather ride the 3-8 year old horses to see what they become. We will at times have weanling and some possible 2 year old colt offerings raised by Split Ranch Resources as well. Our primary bloodlines consist of Colonel Freckles, Doc Bar, Doc O'lena, Driftwood, Mr Gunsmoke, and Haidas Little Pep. We will say that we absolutely will not sell anyone a horse that pitches, kicks, or bites. We'll keep them around for the aspiring day worker and Split Ranch cowboys.

So, do you find yourself in need of a solid ranch horse? Maybe your child is tugging at you for a breakaway horse, or maybe you yourself would like to take up team roping or trail riding. And just maybe you would like to find that "all around" horse that makes whatever you're doing horseback a pleasure. We feel confident that as we look through our remuda with you, we will find what you're looking for, or help you and your horse become just that. Let Split Ranch Resources help you ride "tall" in the saddle, in comfort.

Thank you.

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