"For every beast in the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills."

Psalms 50:10

When we look at the beef industry, it's clear that the Angus breed is leading the way in innovation. Across the country and abroad, Angus is the sought-after breed for producers and consumers alike. When we add science and technology to the equation, we see premier Angus cattle being advertised throughout the land and an abundance of quality Angus cattle available to the producer. Most of the Angus cattle today add value to calf crops and herds through specific traits like birthweight, growth, fertility, marbling, feedlot performance and so on. These traits can easily be expressed in added values through charts and grids. The traits of longevity, structure, and disposition are not so easily expressed into added value when using these same charts and grids. Not many ranchers would consider running cattle in the high desert malpai region of the southwest as an "added value trait", but friends, at Split Ranch Resources we understand that its value is unmatched. This is true for many producers in the region as the heavy framed, soft footed, above average ribeye producing, Angus cattle topping the industry will simply not work in much of the southwest. 

Bulls and Replacement Heifers are now available for sale.

Angus, Stabilizer, and SimAngus
"Rock Footed"

Carcass Merit, Growth, Maternal Longevity, Feed Efficiency, Easy Calving, Easy Handling


*Superior Genetics

$Ranch and $Profit Indexes for Bulls

Calf Buy Back Option!

*Discounts and FREE delivery available with purchase of 10 or more bulls.

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Our primary goal 

Our primary goal at Split Ranch Resources is to aide in the upgrade of cattle herds throughout the southwest by providing replacement Angus bulls and females that undoubtedly will add value to a cattle herd in any terrain. When raised in the toughest of conditions, everything else is a vacation. Whether ranching in the rugged malpai, or in the desert flats, producers will have the comfort of knowing our replacements will endure the elements and perform. The Split Ranch base cow herd consists of moderate framed, efficient, and geneticly targeted high profit cattle from another high desert cow outfit, Diamond Peak Cattle Co. When combined with our powerful bull battery consisting of Stevenson Basin, Leachman, Sitz, and Diamond Peak bulls, the offspring is inevitably profitable. Split Ranch Resources has combined the revenue and cost traits of the industry mentioned above with toughness, durability, and adaptable ease.

Through private treaty and special offerings, Split Ranch Resources will offer registered and commercial Angus bulls and replacement females each spring, at cost effective prices for any rancher's budget. Split Ranch Resources' bulls and replacement females will allow producers to add premier genetics and value to their herds without the high prices we see in today's Angus offerings. We want our customers to feel like they certainly "got what they paid for" and then some. Split Ranch Resources offers their customers the added incentive of marketing their cattle through different feedlot and buyer venues associated with us. We acknowledge that top bulls and females can be purchased through a straw or an embryo, but to know that your $ is on the back forty, in a canyon, during a drought, traveling 1-3 miles to water, in great condition, is still incomparable for some. We want you to feel that, as a producer, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in your bull or replacement purchase at Split Ranch Resources. Come take a look, we'd love to show you around. Your success is our goal.

Thank you.

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